Band Members

Our members travel from all over the Delaware Valley to practice and play with the CCCB. The band practices once a week in West Chester and performs a wide variety of music year-round for audiences in the Philadelphia suburban area.

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Band Member Occupation Year Joined
David Reif Music Educator 2004
Leslie Barr Science Teacher 2002
Ray Brebach Professor of English 1995
Bob Carpency * Music Educator 2008
Diane Coltrain Financial Services Rep 1999
Jenny DeVitis school secretary 2012
Beth Dudash psychologist 2009
Jenny Grygo Elementary School Teacher 2005
Catherine Kilburn accountant 2006
Rachel Kozak   2016
Cindy McManus Environmental Engineer 2004
Amy Rothman music educator 2014
Anne Supina Physician 2006
Laurie Swisher teacher 2017
Deb Brady Manager, Proposal Operations 2006
Leslie Burnick * Instrumental Music Teacher 1986
Carole Curtis   1989
Tom Cunningham engineer 2016
Sean Cunningham environmetal consultant 2014
Jim Delikatny Professor 2002
Barbara Emery Chaplain, Paoli Hospital 1996
Michele Fusello   2013
Emily Hoke student 2017
Tara Holahan   1994
Kathy Knoebel Small Business owner, data analytics 2002
Carolyn Miller homemaker 2016
Pete Prochnau Software Engineer 2002
Bailey Claeys Retirement Analyst 2007
Brent Shaffer Attorney 2004
Linda Sweeney Operational Project Manager 2008
Emily Wisniewski English teacher 2016
Katherine Morrice spanish teacher 2016
George Wisniewski Engineer 2005
Megan Bergauff chemist 2012
Colin Clark student 2016
Melissa O'Donnell YMCA Personal Trainer 2010
Betsy Rich Office Administrator 1992
John Klanderman Professor Emeritus (Rowan U) 2005
Allyson Patterson Music Educator 2005
Rachel Tannenbaum student 2016
Dave Evers * Computer Programmer 2002
Jason Ostrum chemical engineer 2014
Fran Evans   2007
Phil Evans Music Director 2006
Denise Leo   2012
Sanae Hori Consultant 2004
Pierre Ravacon * Architect 1990
Josh Roehner music teacher 2016
Ellen Churi Office Manager 2004
Yeong Kim Chemical Engineer (ret) 2009
Paul Nemeth scientist 2012
Bill Dibiase Professor of Psychology (Emeritus) 2005
Dean Anderson Mechanical Engineer (ret) 1990
Sean Carney   2014
Steven Cherry   2011
Larry DeYoung Railroad Official 1982
Joe DiPaolo Methodist Minister 2008
Marty Holahan Commercial Printing 1994
Tony June music educator 2015
Ginny Lockwood Webmaster/IT 2004
Tessa Orlyk   2010
Armand Petrosino IT Professional 2008
Fred Reimers IT Specialist 2016
Dave Shiflet   2010
Shawn Stephens Cost Analyst 2012
Gary VanHorn Music Educator (ret) 2009
Dave Williams * Website Aministrator 2007
B.J. Brunner * Industrial Hygienist 1993
Jennifer Conrad Retail Sales 2003
Robert Frazier music teacher 2011
Megan Berkstresser catering food service 2014
Earlin Lutz software developer 2012
Krysten Ollice marketing 2012
George Sabol financial controller 2012
Sarah Sullivan teacher 2014
Sue Weissman database administrator 2013
Bill Davis Instrumental Music Teacher (ret) 2001
Robert Friedman Physician 2008
Folkert Kadyk Music Educator (ret), brass instructor 2001
Roger Lacy Aerospace Engineer 2008
Ted Lenthe Electrical Engineer 2002
Karen Marvin * Mechanical Design Engineer 2005
Sam Parsons Sales and Marketing (ret) 1992
Larry Priori Retail 2014
Steve Tross Account manager 2015
Bill Warfel ins underwriter (rt) 2015
Peggy Wicks *   2006
Edward Hafer Project Management Consultant 2010
Jim Harris Electrical Engineer 2005
Mary Ann Quarry chemist and science editor 2011
Paul Richter soccer coach 2016
Lee Fisher * IT Professional 2004
Charity Harter low brass instructor 2016
Wayne Kressley Physical Therapist 1983
Jeff Newell freelance dataist 2016
Chuck Shorten WCU Professor 1996
Roger Smith sales (retired) 2016
Laura Wooden music teacher 2014
Alan Miller Investment Banker 2005
Todd Drennen Process Safety Engineer 2005
Ed Gonzales accountant 2015
Bob Kirchner * Engineer 1982
Manny Menendez Chemical Engineer consultant 1995